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Draft Cover      Publisher: Palgrave macmillan International,   Date  2017

The 4th Industrial Revolution:
Responding to the Impact of Artificial Intelligence



Professor Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice, Information Systems Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK


Dr Felix Hovsepian, Consulting CTO and Mentor, Independent Computational Intelligence Advisor


Book Synopsis


The 4th Industrial Revolution is defined as the culmination of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Education, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  This book presents a unique collection of primary research case studies that will serve as a guide to help decision makers grasp the importance and applicability of these new technologies to their business sector. 


The World Economic Forum WEF, Organization for Economic cooperation and Development OECD and the United nations UN are several organizations that are actively engaged in intergovernmental plans in the impact and rise of what has been termed the 4th Industrial Revolution.  It's profound shift in business, consumers, and society are


The 4th Industrial Revolution brings about a cultural change and a paradigm shift in the very essence of the business models that we encounter in today’s world.  These technologies challenge the values, customer experience, and business propositions that have been the mainstay of so many businesses hitherto. By redefining and encapsulating new value structures with emerging intelligent technologies, new innovative models are instigated and nurtured.





The book is aimed at Executives, Decision makers and practitioners who are seeking practical independent and authoritative guidance and examples of how business technology is rapidly developing into new business models using Machine and Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics, 3D printing and Robotics, sensors and internet of things devices and Virtual and Augmented Reality.   These technologies and changes in consumers, regulation, telecoms infrastructure are expanding into what we term the 4th Industrial revolution that companies need to be ready.


The book introduces a novel approach understanding automation and Artificial Intelligence in new business operating models and customer experience; it provides definitions and quick reference models to help define and plan areas of a business automation to position critical leadership, culture, processes, data, staff skills, security, governance and the technology to achieve step change performance outcomes.

The format of the book is a collection of exclusive primary research in real company and industry case studies of using latest research and selected expert practitioner’s insight across a variety of industry sectors including Health, Retail, Energy, Government, Transport, Finance.


Book Structure


The short bit size chapter sections (of 500 – 700 words) with color illustrations and frameworks supported by a deep set of practical current case studies help bring to light the new Business Models and Enterprise architectures now immerging and the questions and approaches to building strategies and roadmaps to plan for and steer towards the 4th Industrial Revolution.


This book explores the impact of new technologies in Artificial Intelligence, robotics and automation that is now converging on the cloud – big data and mobile systems are expanding and changing new markets, products, customers and thence forcing vendors to focus on issues related to user experience and outcomes. We describe a range of topics that elucidate how the Digital Economy has emerged, and will continue to expand, as the various new technologies become part of the extended connectivity of system and systems that constitute the 4th Industrial Revolution.







Dr. Felix Hovsepian


I am a consulting CTO and a mentor. I have a solid academic background in mathematics, systems engineering with a PhD in Computer Science (Computational Intelligence). At the start of my academic career, I spent 4+ years undertaking research in AI and Automated Reasoning, then almost 10 years as a Professor of Informatics. In terms of software & systems development, I have designed and built enterprise-level imaging systems for multi-national engineering companies, x-ray imaging systems for dentists, a fingerprint recognition system and various flavors of eLearning systems.


Email:    Twitter: @bluemanifold

Mobile: +447926818236  


About the Authors



Prof. Mark Skilton


Professor of Practice, Information Systems and Management, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick, UK


I am a +30 Experienced Professional Consultant with a track record in top 1000 Companies in over 20 countries and across multi public, private and start-up sectors. I've direct Industrial experience of commercial practice leadership, boardroom and investor strategy to program team and transformation management at scale. I'm a recognized International thought leader in Digital, company strategy, Telecoms, Digital markets and M&A strategies, CxO practices and Author of books and International papers. My work and views have been published in the FT, NYT, WSJ, Washington Post, Bloomberg, AP, Mail, NewScientist, Nature, Scientific American and many channels around the world, TV and Radio including BBC, Sky, ITV, Al Jazeera and many others, I support Warwick with Industrial Best Practice in my interests and expertise areas. For further details please contact me or follow me on Twitter @mskilton or Facebook and LinkedIn.


Email:,  Twitter: @mskilton Mobile: +447766148432

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