Publication date :  Summer 2019   Navigating new cyber risks: How businesses can plan, build and manage safe spaces in the Digital Age.   Palgrave Macmillan.   CoAuthors  Ganna Pogrebna and Mark Skilton.


This book is a means to diagnose, anticipate and address new cyber risks and vulnerabilities while building a secure digital environment inside and around businesses. It empowers decision makers to apply a human-centred vision and a behavioral approach to cyber security problems in order to detect risks and effectively communicate them.

The authors bring together leading experts in the field to build a step-by-step toolkit on how to embed human values into the design of safe human-cyber spaces in the new digital economy. They artfully translate cutting-edge behavioral science and artificial intelligence research into practical insights for business.

As well as providing executives, risk assessment analysts and practitioners with practical guidance on navigating cyber risks within their organizations, this book will help policy makers better understand the complexity of business decision-making in the digital age.

Step by step, Pogrebna and Skilton show you how to anticipate and diagnose new threats to your business from advanced and AI-driven cyber-attacks.




Publication date :  18 Dec 2017   The 4th Industrial Revolution: Responding to the impact of artificial intelligence in business.   Palgrave Macmillan.   CoAuthors  Mark Skilton, Felix Hovespian 

The 4th Industrial Revolution is defined as the culmination of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Education, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.  This book presents a unique collection of primary research case studies that will serve as a guide to help decision makers grasp the importance and applicability of these new technologies to their business sector. 






Publication date : 21 August 2015 Building the Digital Enterprise : A guide to the constructing Monetization Models using Digital Technologies Author  Mark Skilton

This book aimed at business and technology practitioners seeking real practical examples of how digital technologies have been used successfully to change business models into digital business models.  The book also covers the latest thinking on monetization mechanisms using digital technologies and introduced a novel approach to defining “digital workspaces” that help drive the adoption and use of digital across an enterprise.


Publication Date : October 2015 Building Digital Ecosystem Architectures:  A Guide to Enterprise Architecting digital Technologies  in the Digital Enterprise


This book is aimed at technologist and architect practitioners who are looking for examples of how to build digital technology solutions to transform a business into a digital business.  Using the latest ideas on enterprise architecture and digital thinking, the book explores practices and real evidence of how to design digital solutions.  We introduce a novel approach to defining “digital workspaces” and how these are architected using the latest enterprise architecture practices and model techniques.


Published 2011 2nd and 2015 3rd editions

Generic case study Chapter, Author: “Cloud Computing in the Pharmaceutical Industry” in it's 3rd Edition of the Handbook of Outsourcing and Offshoring” 2015



2011 Editor of “Cloud Computing for business - The Open group Guide” – Published Sept 2011, Van Haren


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