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Podcast 2018 with Jason Hartman on his Creating Wealth Podcast series discussion innovation and digitization strategies.    

Growing the UK AI and Data-Driven Economy - Industry and Parliment Trust IPT
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Podcast 30 April 2018 "Growing the UK AI and Data-Driven Economy", Industry and Parliment Trust, House of Commons UK Government event.  Prof Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice WBS, Dr Adrian Weller Programme Director of AI, Alan Turing Institute 

My Key note at Microsoft Future Now   March 22  2018 Toronto, Canada

March 22 2018, Event  lead Keynote speaker and live stage media interview on " Accelerated Adoption of  AI in the Enterprise"

My Podcast interview with Karim Kanji tech talks on Mixcloud   March 22  2018 Toronto, Canada


Speaking on Category5 Technology Show with Robbie Ferguson
  17 May 2017    about the WannaCry Ransomware attack


Live on CNN with Lynda Kinkade  15 May 2017    about the WannaCry Ransomware attack      (Works in explorer)

Jan 2017  Live on BBC World commentary on A.I. , Robotics and Automation impact

live interview on the EU robotics ideas on a kill switch and the wider issues of automation, A.I. , Deep learning and event Asimov's 3 laws of robotics.

Speaking 28 Oct 2016 recording for 
BBC WorldService Radio

On UBER ruling that 2 UK workers have employee right to sick pay and holiday pay 

Speaking Sept 2016 on Turkish TRTWorld News Money program on the Half Billion User Cyber Hack of Yahoo!

UBER UK ruling Oct 2016 - Prof Mark Skilton
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Speaking live on BBC Radio 4  Today programme 30 Aug 2016 on Softbank purchase of ARM Holdings and impact on UK plc strategy

BBC Radio 4 AMR Interview 30 Sept 2016 - Prof. Mark Skilton
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Speaking live on SkyNew 18 July 2016 on Softbank purchase of ARM Holdings and the Nintendo PokemonGo! 

Speaking live on BBC  World  on Internet Regulation 

Speaking live on BBC  World  Business Live report "Apple concerns over Surveillance Bill" 2015

Speaking live on BBC  World  Business Live report "Is our personal data safe?" 

Listen to my podcast: Amazon Echo vs. Google Home in Battle of Virtual Assistants – enjoyable chat with Steve Crow at RoboticTrends. We cover lots of ground on VR and AR and also person data privacy and the HAT too. The discussion developed thinking on next generation digital platforms, voice, and virtual search platforms and implications of digital business, cognitive computing and Internet of things strategies.   Run time 45 mins discussion.

Speaking live on MoneyBox Live Radio 4 "How should we tackle the growing epidemic of cyber crime?"  26 Oct 2015

Speaking live on BBC News 24  discussing the Talk Talk Cyber hack Oct 23 2015.  Also appeared live on Channel 4, ITN, and SkyNews on the same subject.

Speaking live on BBCWorld discussing the CeBIT Hanover 2015  topics including Cyber Security,  China and the Digital Economy  March 16 2015

Speaking live on Asia TV on Obama Cyber Security Conference Feb 13 2015

Speaking live on BBCWorld on Obama Cyber Security Conference Feb 13 2015

Speaking live to Alice Baxter on BBC  World Business Report   about digital privacy and corporate social responsibilities, and wider digitization impact on society  26 Nov 2014

Speaking live on TheStreet to Brittney Umar,  about Digital Enterprise strategy and the Microsoft ,Minecraft acquisition impact, Sept 10 2014


Speaking about cyber security and user awareness practice strategies to Bryan Glick, Editor -in-Chief, ComputerWeekly   May 2014

Speaking live on SkyNews to Dharshini David, Jan 27  2.40pm response to Eric Schmidt views at Davos 2014 on impact of IT on jobs.






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