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Recent and Forthcomingomming Speaking Events








  • 30 Nov, 2016,  "Brexit at Breakfast" , Enterprise Digital Exchange.

  • Brexit Breakfast Briefing – Exploring the changing commercial relationship of Britain’s exit from the EU and how it might affect your digital transformation

  • 29 Nov, 2016,  Understanding Strategies for VR/AR in Business – Methods and Cases   webinar BrightTalk speaker


  • The session will explore how this rapidly developing area of VR / AR / Mixed Reality and its position and convergence in the areas of advanced Customer Experience, Digital Asset Management and new A.I. led augmentation strategies starting to transform processes and experience. 

  • We introduce a novel approach to framing digital spaces and how to measure Augmented impact on performance metrics and then explore how this is further developing into A.I. Intelligent spaces and what this may mean for Business Operating Models and future work automation design in what is described as Intelligent Business Strategy. 

  • We include a few actual cases studies of how Cyber-physical systems driving “Digital Twins” are extending across processes and changing supply chain feedback and interaction for smart energy, smart design and new knowledge capabilities.

Past Events

  • “The Apple versus FBI case over personal data privacy, the win by Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo against the Go grandmaster, and the intervention by government to add additional security protection to prevent hacking before a national roll-out of smart meters, suggest a shift in the connecting power of technology that is pushing beyond human experience into uncharted consequences.

  • “We are now growing past the early innocence of Moore’s Law – that computer chips would double in power every two years. Technology now is not just about hugely powerful computing, data storage and global networks, but a scaling out and new intelligence that is challenging the very basis of human rights, jobs and competitive behaviours.”


  • "Realising the Value of the Internet of Things."   

  • WBS Alumni Event  , Leader. 16 Septmeber 2015 

  • This session will explore: 
    - How Internet of Things is changing digital innovation and economics of business 
    - Explore IOT in the Healthcare sector and it impact on patient and clinician outcomes and performance
    - Explore the IT supplier side of IOT and how it is changing the value propositions for digital business


  • 3R Conference 29th September 2015   – Panelist
    CRYSTAL BALL: What will the bad guys do with your data and what will it cost you?

  • Moving on from the Karbanak breach: are malware-based micro-payments the future for breaches?

  • Anticipating the trends in corporate espionage

  • How will the increasing number of Smart devices impact the threat landscape?

  • Exploring the potential for hackers to monetise breaches in new ways

  • Will data brokers enter the UK market? What impact will that have?

  • Christian Karam, Lead Cyber Threat Researcher, INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation
    Dr. Richard Overill, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, King’s College London
    Professor Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice, Information Systems Management,Warwick Business School and PA Consulting Digital Expert
    Sponsor panellist

  • Panelist on “Visualization and Data Discovery” panel session on July 15th at 3pm – BrightTALK

  • “Women and Digital Technology”  2 July  2015
    Supporting Warwick Business School  Alumni event at London Shard 

  • Cloud World Forum June 24-25  2015





  • “Warwick Innovation: The next wave of culture shift in digital interactions”   21 May 2013

  • GOAL  Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers,  Global Litigation Outsourcing Conference and Exhibition, 12-13 March 2013, London, UK.

  • The Conference is one of the world’s largest legal outsourcing events for counsels, law firm partners, buyers, investors and policy makers in Legal, IP, and Outsourcing Industry.

  • The Open Group – Newport Beach, CA  January 28-31 2013

  • Speech: Cloud Ubiquitous Ecosystems the next wave

  • Kemp Little Conference Event: Enabling Technology vs constraining regulation: An uncomfortable path to 2020? January 22  2013, London

  • Invited speaker on panel.. The ‘industry’ perspective about the trends/developments they’ve seen over the past 5 years about how people are working, what changes they see coming in the run up to 2020, and we would talk about the legal implications of those trends/developments




  • 11th Cloud Expo | Cloud Expo Silicon Valley. November 5,8   2012


  • Speech: Maximizing Business Value in a Cloud Enabled Ecosystem

  • The Open Group Conference,  Barcelona, Oct 22 – 25, 2012


  • Speech:  The Benefits, Challenges, and Survey of Cloud Brokers and Interoperability/Portability

  • Introducing the Cloud interoperability and Portability project and forth  coming Guide and White Paper Publication Plans.

  • MBA Sector Insight Seminar, Warwick Business School Saturday 2.30pm to  4.15pm  Oct 6, 2012

  • Talk to Students and Recruiters on Career and Strategy roles and challenges.

  • CloudconExpo, West, Oct 1,2  , 2012,


  • Development Strategies for effective Cloud enabled Ecosystems

  • Introducing Portfolio strategies and development visualization frameworks and methods (Including The Open Group Standards Work.)

  • 5th International SOA, Cloud and Service Technology symposium , Imperial College, London , Sept 24-25 2012


  • Speech: Time for delivery – developing successful Business Planning for Cloud

  • Delivered Symposium Podcast review

  • Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers(GOAL)  Sept 4  2012

  • Member of Expert Board  and key Speaker of the event


  • Sept 4  5pm UK Time,  9.00am PDT  90-100 minutes including Q & A

  • Workshop: Identity, Privacy, and Data Protection in the Cloud – What is Being Done? Is it Enough?

  • U-World 2012 , Aug 28039, 2012 Dalian, China


  • Panel Chair for the ubiquitous Computing Panel Expert Discussion

  • Speaking on ubiquitous computing and cloud enable monetization strategies.

  • White Paper on ubiquitous Computing and Cloud Enabled Ecosystems

  • Cloudcom2012, Aug 28-30  2012, Dalian, China


  • Speaking at Symposium 2: Cloud Computing for business speaking on Cloud Business Metrics and building effective Cloud Ecosystems

  • Panel Chair for Session 2-1: IT Cloud Decision Economics expert Discussion

  • The Open Group Conference, Washington  April 16-20 , 2012


  • Speaking on :Cloud Computing Metrics for Successful Business Architecture and Strategy

  • Running Workshop on : Cloud interactive Ecosystem Language CIEL design methods

  • Running workshop on Cloud Interoperability and Portability Standards – Review of the Proposed Guidelines publication Q4 2012

  • Running Workshop on Cloud Service Broker White Paper – Review of the Proposed White Paper publication Q4 2012

  • Currently investigating Big Data as a proposed new Cloud Project. Scoping this now

  • The Open Group Conference, Cannes  April 25 , 2012


  • Selecting and delivering successful cloud products and services

  • EIF Special Event on Cloud Computing , March 27, 2012 ,  Brussels


  • Interoperability and Data Portability – Panel Speaker

  • The Open Group Conference, Jan 30 – Feb 3, 2012, San Francisco


  • Title:  Cloud Interoperability and Portability , there is also a Panel event after.

  • CloudExpoEurope, Jan 25-26 , 2012, London


  • Headline Speaker  Day 1  (25th January) at 11.0am in the Virtualization / Infrastructure Track

  • Hotwire are managing The Open Group Marketing for the speaking event

  • Title: “Developing the real cloud, it’s time for how, where and when, not if”