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Digitization is a radical change from the previous eras of Information Technology.  It represents a new convergence from technical into everyday objects,  personal space, and wellbeing. It represents a new kind of connected economy and transition to an immersive social and societal ecosystem. 



The approach digital understanding and leverage has to have depth industry and technological expertise in digital strategy, change management and operational performance results.


The approach to developing strategic insight and change from digitization needs to be based on up-to-the-minute research in digital platforms, social media, analytics and change management among several key skill sets.


It needs to be a blend of cutting edge innovation and industrial expert-led cases and immersive industry and academic partnership. 


A Practical and Pragmatic road to building a digital organization.


We have a proven series of interventions that are designed to be ran in 1-2 hour bit size sessions for executive practitioners in Business.   The following diagram illustrates a brief outline of these capabilities which we tailor for each situation and client need. 





We can provide a series of intervention discussions and workshop style coaching and practice on the following topics. 


Digital Skills foundations


What are the key personal leadership and organizational change skills needed for digital success. This underpins the journey from any point in a digital program whether you are just starting or midway or needing to make a program change or to review the results and lessons learned.


1.    What are the techniques for cultural change?
2.    What are the key digital terminology and knowledge management processes?
3.    What are the digital innovation and Intellectual property techniques?
4.    What are the critical cyber security & risk compliance processes?
5.    What are the critical sustainable organizational performance processes?


Current Digital Strategy


We define the key terminology of digital technology today and real examples of how it is being used. 
We help leaders identify their current maturity strengths and weaknesses in their organization.

1.    What is happening in your business and markets?
2.    What are the key technologies – hype and reality?
3.    What are your CURRENT and FUTURE  digital enterprise scorecard?
4.    What are your key digital maturity stages?


Design Thinking led Digital Strategy 


Having established a baseline of understanding w use the latest design thinking and agile methods help explore what outcomes you wish to achieve and the ways to define metrics to measure digital performance and disruption.  to help We also address the phenomena of how digital is changing automation and productive inside and outside the workplace and how customer and citizen experience is changing 24 7 365.  The key here is to establish a clear vision and purpose for the organization. 


1.    Plan how digitization can enable outcomes you want?
2.    Framing your digital vision and scenarios?
3.    Framework of digital performance and value?
4.    Target Automation Opportunities and Designs?


Future Digital Strategy


Success in digital requires current and new practices that recognize how digitized data,  web services, mobility, and analytics combine in new ways is disintermediate and re-intermediate your organization.  It also has huge implicates for cyber security, risk, and compliance as well as new economic, commercial, legal and regulatory changes that impact smart cities, connected transport, new citizen services to new kinds of industry, employment and investment partnerships.  Investment decisions in critical infrastructure as well as local, regional and country and international development is now highly digital in influence and impact. 


We provide methods and approaches for leaders to grasp, plan and direct these short and longer term impacts to establish meaningful new digitally empowered employees, engages consumers and navigate regulations and governance issues.   We help build example business cases, ROI, the commercial digital mechanisms for scaling, adoption and monetisation concerns as well as and the soft skills issues of culture and commercial and legal considerations into a blended strategy. 


1.    Clarity in Cost-Benefits of Digital Investment?
2.    Adopting, Scaling and Innovation strategies for digitization?
3.    Migration and Modernization roadmap plans?
4.    Phasing Modular and Integrated Systems & Business Program?

Content delivery 


The content has been developed by Professor and government CEO level multi-year industry, academic and civil service and industrial experts.


The course is delivered by Professor level practitioners and SME’s who provide tailored personal tuition and sessions using interactive “playbook” style case studies and discussion.


The course is also blending with SME’s from leading digital vendors with current commercial and government and non-government experience.  These can provide guest speaking and advise as required , we can also adapt the program to co-deliver with your own in-house or partner programs. 


The course is independent from any vendor affiliation but this provides impartial evidence and knowledge to supplement practice. 


Core Course book





We have a range of books and papers to supplement the learning and practice.   The core book is a business-oriented executive case driven book "Building the Digital Enterprise published in 2016 by Palgrave macmillan.


Content pedigree and co-creation of your own “Digital Playbook”


Our approach is not based on commercial certification programs or commodity teaching methods but world class practical evidence in action brought into a seminar and workshop style discussion and interactive teach and learning. 


We do provide pre-work preparation for attendees in the use of pre-reading as well as tailored exercise to collect thoughts, examples and ideas you want to explore to use on the course. 

It is aimed at providing every participant a “digital playbooks” that are a simple set of tools that we explore in the sessions aimed at your own organization's environment real situations. This way on returning to work they are immediately able to use these in the day job to apply the learning.

They also provide a continuous and active way to have a common set of tools that we can provide support from our technical mentors, and SME’s to provide support when you need it.