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CIO Excellence for exploring the role and dynamics of the professional Chief Information Officer through a series of master classes.

The Modern Forces of Technology

Changing operating models, solution choices and planned and unintended performance and legal consequences.  Many of these forces are being driven by external providers and group “social “ecosystem effects that may not be under the control of the organization.

Current                                            New Technologies                                      New strategies         Technical – business implications



Consumer technologies

Utility computing

Digital Supply chains



and Outsourcing



Legacy and New
IT Project and investment “cycles”



Business and IT (CIO) budget controls



Due diligence and
compliance tracking



Social networksMulti-channel



Internet of Things

Big data insight

Big data  content

Cloud service platforms

Social-technology enabled
collaboration co-presence

Integrated services

User Experience Design

Sourcing and service



New types of
digital solution
and change


Shared services
Platform services


Altered external legal compliance
and competitive opportunities.
Internal dynamic security

Shifting operating governance responsibilities and roles


Business Process
+ Tech App + Content
+ Service Wrappers. 


Social ideation
and creation.


New forms of IP and
Competition law threats


Rapid design

Purchase subscriber models.



Technology consumer
augmentation and



External and Internal
secure operating Models
How to De-risk business?

Manage growth?

 CxO and CIO Relationships


These technology driven forces of change are altering the axis of coordination for key stakeholders and their approach to operating model and business model management.


Interventions and change management for the CIO Function

Different styles and design approaches to business change.


The CIO is assumed to have leadership responsibility for digital infrastructure and technology transformation programs.