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Professor Mark Skilton, Professor of Practice Information Systems Management and Industry Director of the AI innovation Network AIIN at Warwick Business School and Head of the Applied Research & Collaboration Lab at Enzen Global Ltd a leading Energy, Utilities and Climate Response Consultancy.

Mark is a 35-year career expert in business and technology innovation, an author of four international books on Artificial Intelligence impact, the 4th Industrial Revolution, cybersecurity,

Blockchain, Internet of things, robotics and cyber-physical immersive augmented systems. He is an advisor UK Government and European Government panels on automation impact on society
and new business economic monetization, future of work and social, ethical and legal issues of new AI and automation paradigms in both private and public companies and consultancies.   Mark has worked in over twenty countries around the world in many Senior business C level positions and he is widely cited in the global press as a subject expert appearing on TV and media including BBC, Sky, Al Jazeera, TRT, WSJ, FT, The Times, Forbes, AP, and many others.    His current work involves working and helping communicate awareness, to research, building, and delivery at the interaction of Industry, academia and end users and companies in how AI and automation combinations of technologies can generate new wealth, new social and employment transformation capabilities with new research theories, coding. training and building demonstrators and delivery.  This includes Energy, Smart cities, Smart Living, Retail, Finance,  Healthcare and government use of AI in practice.    

mark.skilton@wbs.ac.uk   07766148432

Contact:     Personal:  mark@markskilton.com       +447766148432  

                   Academic: mark.skilton@wbs.ac.uk   My office  room 1.025  WBS
                   Industry: mark.skilton@enzen.com, Head of ARC Lab, Enzen UK
Assistant:   Debbie Bend , ISM Coordinator  ism@wbs.ac.uk +44 24 7652 4101 WBS room 3.237

PR:             Ashley Potter, PR Executive, ashley.potter@wbs.ac.uk +44 24 765 73967 WBS

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